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Building your first landing page can be a daunting task, but what exactly are landing pages and how can you building your very first page?

If you are new to the world of Digital Marketing then you will more than likely not have any experience on landing pages or lead capture pages… These magical pages are designed to help your business generate qualified leads for you to do business with.

Landing pages are different from your average blog post, the ultimate goal is to grab the contact information of the user for you to send out relevant information in the future.

Why are landing pages so important?

They are key to building laser targeted mailing lists, almost all big brands around the world have a form of landing page to help grab basic information such as email addresses, telephone numbers or even physical address.

This can then be used to constantly reach out and build new clients, people that want to work with you and appreciate what you have to offer.

Can you build a business without a creating landing pages and mailing lists?

Yes you can, but the thought of running an online business without creating a method of grabbing client information is crazy! These are key to a successful business, master this and you will be successful online!

Where to start building!

Once you break down a landing page you will find that it isn’t rocket science, they are easily broken into simple layers…

  1. Standard Full Page
  2. Sales pitch, head turning header to invoke action
  3. Free gift in return for their contact information
  4. Capture form and a place to store the information

It is that simple and with WordPress putting together a landing page is very simple, there are many WordPress Themes that can help automate this process with templated pages.

But I would strongly advise you all to build your very own custom landing page, brand it around your business and get used to the mechanics on how they work.

Remember, your landing page is the first portal entrance to your sales funnel, where your readers will be taken on journey to getting there freebie offer to more lucrative offers.

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