Building Your First Website With WordPress

Building Your First WordPress Website

Building your first website with WordPress shouldn’t be an ordeal, in fact if you pick the right host it is a simple click away.

Depending on your skill level, some of what I am about to share to you may be easy to learn or might take some learning, but trust me, anyone can do this!

Back in the day, creating websites would mean you needed to either have knowledge in HTML/CSS or had to pay out thousands to someone who did to develop you a website.

These days are now all behind us, with the likes of Squarespace, Wix and many other web host website builders.

Everything has become “Click and Go” without all the back-end programming, that also includes our favourite CMS WordPress!

Though, we still need to pick a host for our WordPress website to be installed onto and there are plenty of them to pick from, below is a list we have created.

Here is a list of hosts that have WordPress dedicated plans:

  • Dreamhost ($29 monthly, Free Jetpack Premium)
  • ($14 monthly, very secure)
  • SiteGround ($10 monthly, shared hosting)
  • Kyristal ($10 monthly, shared, CPanel at cheaper rate but do have a more expensive WordPress plan)

These are but a few web hosts, there are plenty more to pick from but in all honesty, the last thing you want when getting started is too many options, I’ll do reviews on each one of these hosts one day since I have used them all.

One of the most important things you will need to do when buying a host is picking the right package, don’t go crazy and buy the most expensive one. You don’t need to splash out when you first start out, go small then increase in size with your sites natural growth.

This guide though isn’t about buying or configuring your web host, maybe I will do a separate guide on that at a later date.

This is about building your first WordPress website!

Purchased web host, now what?

Depending on your host, you will need to install WordPress, all hosts will have a “One Click” install. This means all you do is enter the basic configuration information for your site and click Install…

You will be given your username and password and a link to login to the back-end of your newly installed WordPress website.

This normally is

Here you can login and access all the tools and functions of your WordPress website, you will have access to everything from creating new posts, pages, categories and adding new features with plugins.

You can edit the look and feel of your site with WordPress Themes, either by using a free WordPress theme or by purchasing a premium theme from many of the different web developers on the Internet.

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