Social Media Traffic – Why Is It Important?

Social Media Traffic

Social Media is going to be a key tool in any digital business, if you are wanting to reach out online then having a social presence is something you will need to grasp and teach yourself. Social Media isn’t just about posting to friends and family, in a business sense you will need a regular stream of content that engages with your clients.

You need to give your followers a reason to follow you, there is no point simply creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to simply let them sit idle.

Social Media Is the Art of Engagement

The Internet has never been so connected, we now communicate with each other using so many different platforms, using images, videos and good old fashioned text to share our feelings and experiences. It’s all about engaging with each other, reaching out and making yourself and your brand known.

Each platform has its very own unique way of engaging with your users, Instagram is all about quality images that either have a meaning or simply connect with your target audience. YouTube is a video content platform, it is the largest video sharing/hosting website in the world.

We then have Facebook and Twitter which both allow users to interact with each other, Facebook being the more feature rich platform out of them all allowing pages, groups and general profiles to help market your business.

But what is really exciting about Social Media is that anyone is able to do it, in fact many people who use these tools sometimes be mistake become famous overnight simply by reaching out and posting the right content. In fact you don’t need to own a Digital Business to make a living online, you can simply need an audience that enjoys the content you create.

More importantly, that they share your content that they interact within your bubble…

Top Five Social Media Platforms to Use

Below is a list of five Social Media platforms we like to use and encourage users to get to grips with and start building their very own following. Remember, these sites not only bring you website traffic, but also help with your offsite SEO, Google loves SOCIAL MEDIA!


One of the most famous social media websites around, originally created for people to share and connect with each other. Facebook was designed by Mark Zuckerberg, he wanted a website where friends and family could stay in contact and share their interests.


If you are looking to simply share your photos then this is the site for you, excellent site for creating brand awareness and getting your business known. Might not be the best site for user interaction but images can easily go viral and if you do things right you can easily generate a lot of traffic and revenue…

In fact, many people create huge followings on Instagram and get paid per post, they can make hundreds of thousands of dollars!


Another site like Facebook that become famously very quickly is Twitter, the site has a very basic concept, small to the point tweets that consist of 280 characters. The idea is to use hashtags that help people search for particular subjects, bit like the search engines.

So for example, if a recent world event happened say a “Royal Wedding” then you can search #RoyalWedding and see all tweets that people are creating for this hashtag. This allows you to communicate with people who are talking about the same interests as you.

Originally Twitter only allowed 140 characters, but with more and more people engaging over the platform the company has increased its tweet size. This allows for more richly written content to be posted.


Generating millions of views every hour to video driven content, YouTube is the number one video content website on the Internet! It is a platform that has allowed millions of people to have gone from average Joe to super stardom!

If you and your business requires a platform to share your video driven content then YouTube is the way to go, it is easy to use and allows up to 4K resolution to be played back. Not only that but it is now competing for number one live streaming website as gamers and businesses use the “Go Live” feature to connect with their audience.

Final Thoughts on Social Media?

No what matter what you think of social media, whether you like or hate it this doesn’t matter when it comes to making sure you are connecting with people to help benefit your business. It’s a great SEO booster and helps get your brand out into your community.

If can get yourself into a good routine and your content is of good quality that your followers will enjoy you will surely start generating traffic to your website. Over time your site will become an authority figure within your chosen niche giving you an advantage over your computation.

This article only goes over but a few Social Media platform, some others such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo the list goes on!

Don’t go crazy and sign up to every single Social Media website you find, use our list as a base on the best sites to use, maybe start with just 2 and then work your way up. Using too many of these sites will mean more work for you and that you will fail on getting a decent sized following.

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